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2011 Jan HG KOREA established

2011 Feb China HGDE Co., LTD technology partnership agreement with technical support and production contracts

2011 Aug HG-83T, HG-83AT, HG-116T, HG-116A completed the development

2012 Apr CTP output device Patent Acquisition

2012 Aug A3 FlexoCTP development is complete (420mm X300mm) completed the development

2012 Oct A2 FlexoCTP development is complete (420mm X600mm) completed the development

2012 Nov New Design the CTP K commercial development progress

2013 Feb Commercial CTP and FlexoCTP laser board (LDB) completed the development board data developed software

2013 Feb CTP operating software and motion control operation program development is complete

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Flexo CTP

Label and Sticker Printable resin plate CTP digital production system Resin plate produced digital more...

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Merits of Rosetta

Less trouble and cheap investment.- Automatic is susceptible to weakness in paper removal, sensor part more...

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Rosetta Workflow

As the strong Workflow Software, Windot Digital Workflow is the program developed with the original technology more...

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It is possible to easy to use to develop basic supply a new paradigm WEB A/S SYSTEM standard SMART WEB A/S SYSTEM more...

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we are ready to provide customer-first service to you. and we promise to do our best, in order to give you our best more...