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CTP (Computer to Plate)
Image 01 ♦ Stable system

• stable supply of plates reducing the loading and unloading time of plates, improve the plate making system

• stable fixing clamp system;

• build the stable software system;

• stable Balance system;

♦ Outstanding characteristic

• Auto-focus adjustment

• External drum, automatic balancing

• Front Plate loading、automation 80-100 Plate cassette, convers ation between manual and automation

• Fiber coupled infrared Laser system

• Provide the stable output with Laser Diode Mounting

• A small footprint saves valuable floor space

♦ Key Technology

• HGDE specific development of CTP equipment system

• internal modulation system

♦ Totally new design Horizontal loading & unloading , continuous processing space saving , stable and easily operation of the unique balance adjustment system, new adjust ment equipment of Edge plate, new adjustment of rear end plate and flexible, fast and stable electric and pneumatic self-locking control

♦ HG KOREA CTP Core Technology

The laser optical system we developed as a pure technologyConsidering the custom machinery manufacturing environment.Print your work environment by considering the production of custom- designed utilization expansion, Maximize space utilization, CTP and do not need a Transport space is easy to use.

♦ FlexoCTP Reduced maintenance costs of the localization of the major partsReader solution to double the productivity • provide compatibility with third-party equipment, fully supported• aging of CTP equipment, upgrade the performance and functionality of the new equipment, service4.LetterPress & FleoxCTP Development production• Label and Sticker Printable resin plate CTP digital production systemResin plate produced digital • Label and sticker package for CTP system

Image 01

Flexo CTP

Label and Sticker Printable resin plate CTP digital production system Resin plate produced digital more...

Image 02

Merits of Rosetta

Less trouble and cheap investment.- Automatic is susceptible to weakness in paper removal, sensor part more...

Image 03

Rosetta Workflow

As the strong Workflow Software, Windot Digital Workflow is the program developed with the original technology more...

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It is possible to easy to use to develop basic supply a new paradigm WEB A/S SYSTEM standard SMART WEB A/S SYSTEM more...

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