Major Technology
1. Laser . Optics 2. Precision Apparatus 3. Electronic Control
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-Optical Multi-Laser Head

Laser optical Technology applied to optical communication and semi-conductor manufacturing technology 16CH, 32CH, Max 128CH Fiber array–assembly technology

-High- precision production technology of Large External Drum

Pressing out by means of Duralumin, aircraft ground, it can secure T.I.R (Total Indicator Reading)within Max 10μ

-Image Data Processing

The digital electronic circuit technology can transmit high capacity-data upon the high speedy- spinning drum surface of 900rpm in Max 250MB per sec.

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Flexo CTP

Label and Sticker Printable resin plate CTP digital production system Resin plate produced digital more...

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Merits of Rosetta

Less trouble and cheap investment.- Automatic is susceptible to weakness in paper removal, sensor part more...

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Rosetta Workflow

As the strong Workflow Software, Windot Digital Workflow is the program developed with the original technology more...

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It is possible to easy to use to develop basic supply a new paradigm WEB A/S SYSTEM standard SMART WEB A/S SYSTEM more...

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